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About Us

A Partnership for Bird Conservation

The Rio Grande Joint Venture is a public-private partnership conserving birds, their habitats, and the ecosystems that  support wildlife and people across our binational region (shown in the map below).  Our partnership is one of twenty-five Migratory Bird Joint Ventures that form a conservation network that covers most of the continental U.S. and portions of Mexico and Canada.

Coordination, Structure, and Funding

The Rio Grande Joint Venture Management Board is made up of key representatives from state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and Mexico that are focused on conservation of wildlife, natural resources, land, and water. The Management Board provides overall leadership, guidance, resources, and support to partners to ensure that we reach our bird and habitat conservation goals.

The logos below represent our Management Board members.  

We have two binational technical committees, the Chihuahuan Desert Bird Science Team and the Tamaulipan Brushlands/Gulf Coast Prairie Bird Science Team, which serve as advisory groups to our management board and staff. The primary role of these science teams is to assist us in creating strategies, plans, and other guidance to advance the integrity and biological foundation of our bird conservation planning efforts. Our science teams include scientists, land managers, biologists, and others with expertise in migratory bird science and conservation. The teams include individuals from universities, federal agencies, state wildlife agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Our partnership currently has four full time staff, a Coordinator, an Assistant Coordinator, a Habitat Restoration Hydrologist, and a Science Coordinator; and a part time Communications Specialist.

These positions and basic operating expenses are partially funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service through an agreement with American Bird Conservancy which provides administrative support.

Other funding for staff and projects is generated through grants and agreements with our partners and donors.

Staff coordinate, support, and report to the Management Board, and lead our science teams and ad hoc working groups.

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