Rio Grande Joint Venture

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The RGJV has a huge diversity of birds.  TPWD Ecoregional Checklists showcase this diversity,  including South Texas Brushlands, Chihuahuan Desert, and Gomez Farias Regions.

The Rio Grande Joint Venture has identified priority birds in the RGJV.  A few are showcased here.

The Birds of the RGJV

Priority Birds

The Rio Grande Joint Venture Technical Teams have identified priority birds by Bird Conservation Region and habitat.  

For both lists, priority birds include both Stewardship Species - those restricted to distinct geographical areas but otherwise not currently at risk, and Watch List Species, those species that show some combination of population declines, local distribution, or distinct threats to habitat. The list also includes endemic or near-endemic species and subspecies.  

The Chihuahuan Desert Priority Bird List  Updated February 18, 2015

The Tamaulipan Brushlands and Gulf Coast Prairie Priority Bird List Updated April 8, 2014