Rio Grande Joint Venture

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Rio Grande Joint Venture

Our Mission: To conserve the avian communities and habitats of the bi-national Rio Grande Region

The Rio Grande Joint Venture is a bird and bird habitat-based Joint Venture in the Chihuahuan Desert and Tamaulipan Brushlands Bird Conservation Regions in Texas and Mexico and the portion of the Gulf Coast Prairie in Mexico.  A Joint Venture is a regional, self-directed partnership that delivers science-based bird and habitat conservation. JVs work in part in support of national and international bird conservation plans. The RGJV and its Partners are dedicated to the conservation of habitat within the Rio Grande Joint Venture Region. Joint Ventures provide a model of success for cooperative bird conservation efforts.  

Featured Project

The first project funded with RGJV funds was the Chihuahuan Desert Grassland Bird Conservation Plan, written by Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory International Program staff using data collected on their winter grassland bird surveys.

Thanks to our partners at RMBO for an excellent product, which shows the patterns of distribution, habitat preference, and abundance for five priority grassland birds in the Chihuahuan Desert.  Click here to view or download this product from the RMBO website!

Priority Birds

The RGJV has developed priority bird lists by Bird Conservation Region.

Ferruginous Hawk

Priority Bird Lists